About Us

Mission Statement 

MRSA Foundation is dedicated to educating the masses on MRSA safety and prevention as well as funding good research on MRSA prevention and eradication.  Through the support of survivors, sufferers, and interested parties alike, we hope to cultivate an environment of hope and wellness where all visitors feel valued as they are educated, and participate in educating others, on the truths of MRSA and MRSA-related illness.


Three college students started MRSA Foundation in January 2011.  Two of them, Riley Nason and Chris Dickson, suffered from MRSA; in fact, Mr. Dickson was hospitalized for three days when a MRSA sore appeared on his face.  Since October 2010, Mr. Dickson and Mr. Nason have been MRSA-free.

As for the MRSA Foundation, many changes and updates have occurred since the first month of operation.  The MRSA Foundation has grown to reach thousands of people via our website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and other online social media.  Further, the MRSA Foundation has been in contact with many researchers who are performing amazing research and has disbursed over $4,000 to such efforts.

Contact Us

Phone: (949) 427 – 0798

Email: webadmin@mrsafoundation.com

Address: PO Box 61744 Irvine, CA 92602

MRSA Foundation Staff

Nini Almero Alex Brown Chris Dickson Eric Dickson Helen Dickson Riley Nason
Director of Fundraising/ Outreach Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Operating Officer Director of Strategy and Planning
Ms. Almero has a strong background in grassroots fundraising through her work at GLSEN. She currently is an Assistant Manager at Hollister. Mr. Brown, one of the original co-founders, is an expert in small organization leadership. He is currently a Senior Auditor with Green Hasson Janks, a CPA in the state of California, and a received his Bachelor in Accounting from CSU Northridge. Mr. Dickson, one of the original co-founders, is a financial accounting specialist. He is currently a Senior Associate at KPMG, a CPA and CGMA in the state of California, and received his Master in Accounting from the University of Southern California. Mr. Dickson is a technology expert and consultant. He currently works for Illumina and has had a history of technology experience at companies such as Qualcomm, Gateway, and PetCo. He received his Bachelor in Music from CSU Northridge. Mrs. Dickson is a proven motivator and leader. She has a history of philanthropy and has been instrumental in the growth and sustainability of the MRSA Foundation. Mr. Nason, one of the original co-founders, is a long-time strategist. His ideas and insight have carried the organization through many growth spurts. Outside of the foundation, he has a history of creative endeavors including movie-directing and music creation.