Chris Dickson

I was infected with MRSA in 2009, during my junior year of college.  I had no idea what the disease was, and originally believed the red bump on my abdomen to simply be an ingrown hair or pimple.  After visiting the campus clinician, I was informed that it was “mer-sa.”  Scared and ill-informed, I allowed the doctor to cut open my wound and drain the sore.  Upon arriving home, I researched “mer-sa” and discovered that what I had was properly named MRSA–a deadly skin infection.

Over the course of the next year, I would be put on three different medications and have over 10 other MRSA sores form.  Horrified and scared, I thought I was inching closer to death when I had a MRSA infection appear over my eye.  I was hospitalized and observed for three days while being regularly pumped with the strongest medicine the hospital could muster.  While I was lucky enough to leave the hospital with a drained MRSA sore (and be alive), I felt a void inside.  I knew people were dying from this disease–possibly me included, but I was not doing anything to help anybody but myself.

Before I could address my inner void, I had to keep fighting my own case of MRSA as more infections sprung up on my body.  In 2010, I was referred to a dermatologist.  She had an idea that everybody considered a “long shot”: she believed that my MRSA kept recurring because I had a fresh array of acne that provided the bacteria with innumerable locations to infect.  After a long treatment with Acutane, I had no acne, and amazingly no more MRSA.

It has been many years since I have been infected, and in 2011, I filled the inner void by co-founding this foundation: The MRSA Foundation, with the goal of raising awareness and money for fighting and curing MRSA.

See the gallery below for images of my infection.

–Chris Dickson