Jeffrey Smith

Well my brother Jeffrey, my gram, and uncle were on their way to my uncles dentist appointment. My uncle was driving when someone hit the car head on and smashed the front of the car in. My gram sadly was killed instantly. My uncle 30 short minutes later. My brother Jeffrey was life flighted to the hospital. Once he got there he was listed in critical but stable condition. Once my parents got there they were told that he had 80% chance of surviving. He had a lot of broken bones and bruised ribs. So the doctors put him in a medically induced coma and put him in a specially made bed where he layed on his stomach. The bed would rotate him so the bruised lungs could heal. 4-5 days later he was in a regular hospital bed. His lungs were starting to heal greatly. For 15 days Jeffery was improving. Then the doctors and nurses started wearing masks, gloves, and gown, and quarantined his room, but they wouldn’t tell us what was going on. He had a fever of 105 degrees. They had cooling blankets around him and were giving him every type of antibiotics they had. Nothing seemed to work. 72 hours after the fever my brother had passed away. After he died we had found out he contracted the deadly form of MRSA from a open wound on his foot.

-Hailey Smith