Matthew McPherson

My name is Matthew R. McPherson. I am a United States Veteran who invented a method to treat my recurring MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) infections. In the Navy I worked on phased-array radar and mainframe computer systems, which control the AEGIS Tomahawk cruise missile system.

Jonas Salk gave the world his polio vaccine patent-free, and I am doing the same with my MRSA treatment.

Currently, I have treated two MRSA infections with my method, without antibiotics. It works by combining 1000-watt blue-spectrum light, alternating hot and cold air, benzethonium chloride mixed with Epsom salt. There are peer-reviewed scientific articles behind why each of these ideas work. I combined multiple peer-reviewed methods and added the use of  a blue-spectrum hydroponics bulb, which was my idea.

In the past I have had over 15 MRSA infections and have been hospitalized for three of them. I am not sure where I contracted my first MRSA infection. My MRSA research was motivated by saving my life from my frequent recurring MRSA that was slowly killing me. I had a pus head cultured at the VA medicial center and it came back as MRSA. I treated it with only one session of my new light setup and no drugs of any kind.

I live in Ohio. I have a neighbor-friend who is a retired microbiologist. He believes the idea is sound. My medical record clearly supports the effectiveness of the MRSA treatment method. From this point forward I am devoting my life to getting new treatments for MRSA through the FDA. My doctor-friend say it cannot be done, but never underestimate the fight of this Veteran. I am taking my treatment directly to the people through my YouTube video and future tours.

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