Below is a list of products that have been brought to the MRSA Foundation’s attention as possible helpful tools to combat and prevent MRSA.

    • Hibiclens– this is a normal, over-the-counter anti-bacterial rub that is available at most supermarkets and drug stores.  It is seemingly highly effective at preventing infection of cuts or sores by MRSA bacteria and can be applied directly to the body or affected areas.
    • Purify (TM)– Purify is a mixture of essential oils created by a Shanna Baker, a nurse, and an oil mixologist.  The unique combination can be applied directly to the sore or used a soap in bathtubs, washing machines, and on surfaces.
    • PureGreen24– PureGreen24 is a disinfectant that kills MRSA bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals while providing 24-hour residual protection. The product is used on surfaces as a preventative care measure.

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DISCLAIMER: The MRSA Foundation is an open-minded organization.  While we strongly recommend consulting a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or other medical professional before trying anything on this page, we have heard second-hand stories of these products working either partially or fully to alleviate some of the symptoms of MRSA.  In some cases, one or more of these products, whether used individually or in combination with each other, have allegedly led to the disappearance of the MRSA bacteria in the patient’s system.  MRSA FOUNDATION RECEIVES NO BENEFIT FROM YOUR PURCHASE OF THESE PRODUCTS AND MAKES NO PROMISES, WARRANTIES, OR CLAIMS ABOUT THERE EFFICACY.